About Us

About Us

Our company, which has focused on maritime services since 2010, has been serving in the fields of engineering, production, technical service and marine services; It provides services to many companies that can be described as the flagship of the domestic and international production sector in various departments in machinery, hardware, electrical and electronic revision and spare parts.

Our company, which provides services on a global scale, provides services to many different countries and valuable companies in matters such as maritime services. Our company, which serves in different fields of work, plays a positive role in the organization by sharing the knowledge and experience that our wide reference portfolio has brought to us, with our customers, and with the most accurate guidance in the shortest time possible for the targeted purpose.

It is within the working principles of our company to be with you at every stage of your transactions from the beginning to the end, and to support you in no case without leaving you alone. During the process, both the needs of our customers and the procedures related to the machinery and equipment provided are followed by us, and the necessary procedures are carried out completely for you.

We provide services as ship repair , service , supply and consultancy firm . Since its establishment, our company has been serving the maritime sector with its experienced staff and high quality representative portfolio. Our company also provides product sales, after-sales support, spare parts supply and service.

Our company, which owes customer satisfaction to systematic and disciplined work, is the right address that you can safely call 24/7 in order to provide the best service by responding to the expectations of our customers in a timely and complete manner.